Our Vision

Our mission is to make a meaningful impact in our community by bringing together the flavours of compassion and generosity. As avid foodies, we are dedicated to partnering with local restaurants within our community to provide restaurant-catered meals to underprivileged individuals. We believe that everyone deserves the joy and warmth of a good meal, especially during the holiday season.

Through collaborative efforts, we aim to raise funds in order to purchase personalized meals from participating restaurants. We are partnering with Racine Croisée, a local food bank that is inclusive and welcoming, ensuring that everyone regardless of their cultural background can access food. Our goal is to distribute these meals directly to the users, sometime in early December at the Racine Croisée food bank.

Together, we can make a difference, one meal at a time. Join us as we bridge a stronger connection between food and community.

Project Background

The Share Your Plate Foundation is an organization born out of a shared desire to make a positive impact on our community by addressing the issue of food accessibility. The idea originated from our awareness of the privilege we enjoy by dining at various restaurants on a regular basis. We wanted to channel this awareness into a meaningful endeavour that could provide nourishing and wholesome meals to those who are struggling to put food on the table.

Our Goals & Objectives

Raise Sufficient Fund

The primary goal of the fundraiser is to raise funds to cover the cost of personalized meals from local restaurants. We are looking to provide 100-150 meals to individuals who depend on food banks.

Engage and Mobilize the Community

A key objective is to engage the local community, both in terms of raising awareness about the project and actively involving individuals, businesses, and volunteers. Encourage community members to contribute, volunteer their time, or even provide in-kind support to help with the initiative.

Partner with Local Restaurants

Establish partnerships with a set number of local restaurants to help create personalized meals. Define the number of participating restaurants and orders that will be associated with each one. The goal is to create a sustainable and mutually beneficial collaboration.

Ensure Successful Distribution

Plan for a smooth and organized distribution of meals at the food bank on a chosen day in early December. Set objectives related to the number of meals distributed, the efficiency of the process, and the quality of the overall experience for both the volunteers and those receiving the meals.

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This project was launched to create a positive impact in our community. We believe in
the power of food to bring joy, comfort, and a sense of togetherness. This initiative is a
way to share the love of food with those struggling to put food on the table, particularly
during the holiday season.

Your donations are directly contributing to providing personalized meals to individuals and families in need within our community with the help of Racine Croisée. The meals obtained will be prepared from participating local restaurants. Your generosity ensures that those facing hardship can enjoy a special meal, bringing them warmth and comfort during the holiday season.

We will be serving all the meals purchased with the donated funds, on a chosen date early December at Racine Croisée on 4526 Park Ave. The funds will continue to be collected up until this date, all surplus funds will go directly to The Racine Croisée Food Bank so they can continue feeding their community.

Local restaurants play a crucial role in this initiative. By partnering with us, they have the opportunity to give back to the community that supports them. It’s a chance for them to gain positive exposure, and be part of a meaningful project that highlights their commitment to social responsibility. All meals will be purchased, preferably at a discounted rate in order to feed more individuals.

Your donations will make a positive impact by giving back to the community firsthand. Tax receipts will be provided.

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