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Racine Croisée | Organisme de Bienfaisance

“I run my own home-based catering business and I still work for a Finance company” – Maddy MOTTO

Racine Croisée | Organisme de Bienfaisance

I did not intend to start a business at first I enjoyed cooking in my community and I’m greatly honored each time when people try my food and after each bite they would say “you did it!” At parties and other events I catered for, I was often solicited. Eventually, clients started seeking me out for my catering services, so I decided that I would attach a dollar amount to these services and that’s how Maddy Pots was born on. We became registered june of 2019, the month of my birth.

Charity begins at home. If you want a feel of Cameroonian cuisine and pastries Maddy pots got your back. Born to a Douala mother of blessed memory, quickly was introduced to our rich cultural dishes. My mom and grand mom were great cooks. I find myself cooking today at a professional level is not surprising to me. It is a family thing.

Racine Croisée | Organisme de Bienfaisance

Since childhood, i have been interested in people and learned to live where I found myself. My culinary skills made it easy to relate to others and I was able to build bridges in new communities were we moved to as my mom was a teacher and every year we moved to a new province and that is how i will learn to cook the meal of the region and by the time i was done with University studies i had a catalogue of menus and that made it really easy relate with who came across my path and now that i am in Canada still learning how to make the famous putin. Loool that is me learning and trying and embracing my new home and whatever foods there is.

I moved from Cameroon to Canada in 2011 and was fortunate to have the opportunity to serve by running my own home-based catering business and i still work for a finance company. It is challenging yes, but passion keeps me going and the results feed my discouragements on rainy days – this is what keeps me afloat.

I work with a strong community of Canadians; initially my clients were mostly colleagues from
work. I introduced them to suya and until today, they keep asking for more. I also cook for my friends, neighbors, church community and anyone who needs my services. We cover small and large scale events My specialties are Soya, Achu, Ndole, roasted Fish, Pepper soup, Eru, kati kati and some pastries too, like pancakes, cakes, meat pies and the list goes on.

Racine Croisée | Organisme de Bienfaisance

In the future, I want to cook for presidents and high officials, including the current Prime minister Trudeau of Canada – he should try our heavenly clouds – Meat pies hahahahaha. Our reputation depends on quality and neat delivery, so I take training and professional development seriously. Summer is usually very busy and the peak time in this industry.

I’m glad God opened my eyes to see what I could do with my blessed hands and I let Him lead me in this gift. Excellence, I aim at or nothing else. Upwards and forward only!

My advice to anyone who is interested in starting up a catering business is to jump! The only impediment to your exponential growth is you. Get the trainings you need in order to deliver an efficient product or service.

Find out the licenses you will need in order to operate. Start small and before you know it, you will be the talk of the town. Quit your fears and do not be shy to say you are a cook because you will be remembered for writing a story that is unique and exceptional.

These are some of our success stories just
to name a few.
Some delicacies made by Maddy Pots



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